Avondhu Hurling and Football Draws 2019

  • Feb 22,2019

Synergy Fermoy Credit Union Junior Football Championship 2019

1 Kilworth 2 Ballyhooly

3 Charleville 4 LiscarrollChurchtown Gaels
5 Kilshannig 6 Fermoy
7 Buttevant 8 Ballyclough
9 Killavullen 10 Mallow

10 teams Five Matches Rnd One Two Matches one bye Round two 

Round One

A Mallow V Fermoy

B Liscarroll Churchtown Gaels V Charleville

C Kilshannig V Ballyclough

D Kilworth V Buttevant

E Ballyhooly V Killavullen

Round Two draw to take place after round one

Five round one winners ,plus bye and two round two winners

Quarter finals

Walshs Pharmacy Junior B 1 Football Championship


1 Shanballymore 2 Abbey Rovers

3 Deel Rovers 4 Araglen

5 Doneraile 6 Grange

Six teams Two Quarter Finals

A Abbey Rovers V Grange

B Shanballymore V Araglin

C Deel Rovers

D Doneraile














Ballylough Milling Junior B 2 Football Championship

1 Kildorrery 2 Buttevant

3 Kilshannig 4 Killavullen

5 Clyda Rovers 6 Fermoy 3

7 Mitchelstown 8n Glanworth

Eight Teams 

A Glanworth V Killavullen

B Kilshannig V Kildorrery

C Clyda Rovers V Mitchelstown

D Buttevant V Fermoy 3

Semi Finals A V B C V D


Barnes Jewellers U21 A Football Championship


Mallow Out Mitchelstown

Kilshannig Charleville


Round Robin Four Teams Three games


U21 B Football Championship


1 Clyda Rovers 2 Buttevant

3 St Dominics 4 Killavullen

5 LiscarrollChurchtown Gaels 6 Kildorrery

6 Winners of Prem Rnd One 7 Winners of Prem Rnd Two

Prem Round One Kildorrerey V Clyda Rovers

Prem Round Two LiscarrollChurchtown Gaels V Buttevant

Round One 

A Winners Kildorrerey / Clyda Rovers V Winners LiscarrollChurchtown Gaels / Buttevant

B St Dominics V Kildorrery

Round Two 

Loser of Prem Rnd One

Loser Prem Rnd Two

Loser A

Loser B

Round Three

Two Rnd One winners and Two Rnd Two Winners for semi-final Seeded Draw

O Sullivan Lewis U21 C Football Championship


Killara Og Doneraile Ballycastle Gaels St Kevins

Round Robin Number of games Three


Hibernian Hotel, Mallow Junior 'A' Hurling Championship 2019

. 1 Shanballymore 2 Ballyclough

3 Liscarroll Churchtown Gael

4 Doneraile 5 Ballyhooly

6 Harbour Rovers 7 Clyda Rovers

8 Fermoy 9 Killavullen

10 Buttevant 11 Kilshannig

12 Dromina 13 Charleville

14 Ballygiblin

14 Teams Seven round one matches 

A Ballygiblin V Fermoy

B Doneraile V Buttevant

C Kilshannig V Charleville

D Ballyclough V Harbour Rovers

E Dromina V Killavullen

F LiscarrollChurchtown Gaels V Ballyhooly

G Shanballymore V Clyda Rovers

Round two Three matches plus a bye To be drawn after round one completed

Round Three eleven teams Three round four matches and five byes to Qtr finals

McAuliffe Hurleys U21 Premier Hurling Championship

Shandrum Charleviile

Mallow Round Robin or Staright Championship






Country Clean U21 A Hurling Championship 

Ballygiblin Kilshannig Fermoy Ballyhea Round Robin

Three Matches

RedFM U21 B Hurling Championship

1 Kildorrery, 2 Ballycastle Gaels, 3 Buttevant, 4 St Dominics

5 St Kevins , 6 Clyda Rovers, 7 Killavullen, 8 Doneraile,

10 Kilworth, 11 LiscarrollChurchtown Gaels

 Preliminary Round Winner to round One Loser to round two 

St Dominics V Kildorrery

Buttevant V Killavullen 

Clyda Rovers V St Kevins

Doneraile V LiscarrollChurchtown Gaels

Kil.worth v Ballycastle Gaels


Round two 

Five losers plus one bye to quarter final

Round Three Quarter Finals

Five round one winners and three round two winners for quarter finals New draw


McAuliffe Hurley’s Junior B 2 Hurling Championship

Mallow 2 Ballyhea 3 Newtownshandrum 4 Kilworth

Four teams 

Two Semi Finals 

A Kilworth V Mallow

B Newtownshandrum V Ballyhea



Fitzgerald Hurley’s J B 1 Hurling Championship

Araglen V Castletownroche

Fitzgerald Hurley’s J B 1 Hurling County Qualifier 

Araglen or Castletownroche V winners of McAuliffe Hurley’s Junior B 2 Hurling Championship

Shreelawn Oil Junior C Hurling Championship

1 Liscarrollchurchtown Gaels Ballyhooly not entering

2 Harbour Rovers 3 Ballygiblin

4 Kilshannig 5 Milford

6 Shanballymore 7 Kildorrery

8 Buttevant 9 Fermoy 3

10 Dromina

Nine Teams 

A Ballygiblin V Fermoy 3

B Killshannig

C Kildorrery

D Harbour Rovers

E Dromina

F Milford

G Shanballymore

H LiscarrollChurchtown Gaels

A V B, C V D, E V F, G V H,