GAA Development Fund and Deposits

  • Oct 08,2019

The GAA Development Fund is currently open for loans. New applications will be considered by the Financial Management Committee in November. 

Please find the loan application form attached. The club must complete the form and provide relevant documentation as requested. The application must be guaranteed by the County Board, there is a section on the form for them to complete and also a recommendation provided by the Provincial Council. 

All loan application forms along with their supporting documentation and approval should be submitted on or before the 15th of November 2019

In addition to the loans, the GAA Development Fund also accepts deposits. Interest on these deposits are 1.9% with no DIRT. It is the perfect opportunity for a club to put their lotto jackpot in, earn some interest and the withdrawal time is minimal. Clubs who invest money into the fund will be given priority when applying for loans. 

2019 GAA Development Fund Loan Application.pdf

CLG Deposit Form Dev. Fund Euro Forms.docx